Dear GPA-NoVA members and friends,

Greyhound Pets of America - Northern Virginia has a lot to proud of over the many years we have been in existence. We were among the first adoption groups placing retired racing greyhounds in Northern Virginia. As early as 1989, GPANoVA, with sponsorship from GPA-Wheeling, began fulfilling its mission to place retired racing greyhounds into loving forever homes. Over the years, we have placed hundreds upon hundreds of greyhounds. And, we even sprouted two adoption groups from ours to create a strong and consistent adoption process and spread the word and placement of greyhounds to an even wider audience. Now, our area supports over four strong adoption groups.

Over the years, GPA-NoVA has experienced many changes and shifts: in-person vs. on-line accessory purchases and dog searches; fundraising; fewer local events; involved adopters leaving the area; the introduction of lurchers/galgos as adoption options; and, busy/changing lives and diverse interests leaving less time to devote to volunteering.

These shifts have led the board to the conclusion that it is time to close the GPA-NoVA chapter. We feel our remaining funds are best utilized to support the current on-going efforts to secure homes for the soon-to-be displaced Florida racing greyhounds and related fundraising efforts. GPA-NoVA’s remaining funds, totaling approximately $18,000, will be donated to GPA-National with the express instruction that they be used for efforts to rehome displaced Florida dogs (please see below). Remaining inventory (coats, shedding blades, grooming mitts, etc.) will be donated to adoption/rescue groups to raise funds to support their efforts.

As many of you are aware, huge changes are happening to greyhound racing in Florida. Recently, Florida voted to de-couple gambling and greyhound racing (Amendment 13), which means Florida dog racing tracks will be closing in the next three years. GPA National is dedicated to finding homes for these retired racers and has started a group and fund to support these efforts.

Greyhound Pets of America (GPA) National President Rory Goree is working closely with the greyhound racing community and adoption groups across the country to ensure that all greyhounds currently racing in Florida are either adopted or returned to their owners in 2020, when live racing ends in the state. Nearly all Florida tracks have confirmed that they plan to continue to offer live racing until 2020 as allowed under Amendment 13.

“GPA has been working in the field of greyhound adoption for decades, and we know how to prepare for this planned transition out of live racing. When the time comes, all greyhounds will be adopted or returned to their owners,” Goree said.

Goree said GPA’s network includes many of the national organization’s state and regional affiliates and includes numerous non-GPA groups. ""Animal welfare is always top priority for the greyhound adoption groups. GPA National spearheaded the placement of greyhounds from other track closures in Massachusetts, Arizona, and Tampa Greyhound Park, which suspended live racing in 2007.” He also said that GPA and cooperating adoption groups have well-developed systems in place to track every greyhound and to screen prospective greyhound adopters.

For all media inquiries and donations, please email:

GPA-NoVA will phase out over the next month and will officially close on August 31, 2019. GPA-NoVA held our last adoption event on Saturday, July 20th. No new applications are being accepted at this time. Notices will be placed on our website with information for prospective adopters. This has not been an easy decision to reach but, we do feel it is the best one.

Local adoption groups continue to work together and will maintain a network for any greyhound needing support and possible rehoming. And, of course opportunities to volunteer

Please note that the email address may be used to communicate with us until August 31st 2019. After that date, this email address will no longer be operational. So after August 31st 2019, please send your emails directly to me (Angela) at instead.

By no means does this diminish the value of members’ current or past commitment/involvement or love for everything and anything greyhound and GPA-NoVA. GPA-NoVA has much to be proud of and none of this would have been possible without the love, support, and commitment of our members. We all will carry with us wonderful memories of all the good (and good times) accomplished because of our mutual love of retired racing greyhounds.

Thank you for your commitment, enthusiasm, love, and support. It’s been a wonderful ride! I know there will be at least one retired racing greyhound in my not so distant future! 


Angela Kummel on behalf of the GPA-NoVA Board