This list is by no means conclusive. Remember that, in most cases, the severity of the problem caused by these products will depend on the amount ingested and the size and age of the dog. When in doubt, call your veterinarian for further information.

What do I do if my dog ingests a toxic plant? Call your vet immediately.

Common Plant Name Toxic Part of the Plant
Apricot Pits
Azelea All parts
Boxwood All parts
Buttercup All top growth
Caladium (Elephant’s Ear) Leaf, stem and stalk
Chinese Evergreen Leaves
Chinese Wisteria Seeds
Christmas Rose Leaves and stems
Crocus Bulbs
Cyclamen Rhizomes and sap
Daffodil All parts
Dieffenbachia or Mother-in-Law Plant Leaves, stem and stalk
Foxglove All parts
Morning Glory Seeds
Holly Seeds
Hydrangea All parts
Ivy Seeds or Fruit
Japanese Wisteria Seeds
Lily of the Valley All Parts
Mistletoe Berries
Peach Pit
Plum Pit
Poinsettia All parts
Poppy Berries, stem and sap
Potato All parts
Purple and Yellow Irises Bulbs
Rhododendron All parts
Rhubarb Leaves
Philodendrom All parts
Sweet Pea Folage and seeds
Tobacco Leaves
Tulip Bulbs
Wood Laurel All parts