Help! I’ve lost my dog!


Call GPA-NoVA at 1-800-366-1472 and leave a message detailing

  • Your address
  • Home phone number
  • Cell phone number
  • A description of your dog
  • Where your dog was last seen

YOUR SECOND phone call should be to a GPA-NoVA Board Member so we can put the volunteer wheels into motion as well as monitor the 800 number in case someone has found your dog and called in.

Call your local animal control shelter and Police Department to report your missing dog.

When searching for your greyhound, please take your cell phone so we can be in contact with you. Walk or drive your neighborhood slowly and use the squawker if you have one. Not all greyhounds will come running at the sound but most of them will stop long enough to find out what the sound is, giving you a better opportunity to spot them.

Greyhounds have a tendency to run in circles and may double back so even though he might not be there the first 5 times you go down the street, he very well may be there on trip number 6. Ask your neighbors to keep an eye out for your dog.

If you spot the dog and he appears to be spooked (even a friendly greyhound can get spooked after being loose), get down on the ground – lay on your back if you have to – and gently call your dog. Sudden movements will send him running again.

If you don’t find your dog, make sure to leave food and water outside. Also leave your outside lights on over night and a familiar blanket out so that he will know “this” is home should he find his way back. Leave the gate open so he can get in. Set your alarm & check outside every hour.


  • Put up flyers everywhere you can while still searching and make sure you offer a reward. Dogs that have been missing for as many as 3 days have still been found by searching every day.
  • Put ads in local newspapers & on the local radio stations. Call local vet clinics and alert them that your dog is missing.

PREVENTIVE MEASURES to ensure your greyhound remains safe

  • Please be sure your dog wears their GPA collar and tags 24 hours a day. Your dog’s collar is their only ticket home if they get lost. There are more Good Samaritans out there than you think. Most people will call if they find your dog, but they can’t call if they don’t have the phone number! Your greyhound’s life depends on it.
  • Teach your dog to ‘Wait’ and use it every single time you go out a door.
  • Keep a lock on all gates. Children, utility people & neighbors are famous for leaving gates open.
  • Check your fence to make sure there are no open areas the dog can squeeze through.
  • Make sure there are no picnic tables, etc. the dog can climb up on that will allow him to jump over the fence. If your dog is interested in your fence, hang large jingle bells around the top of the fence. This usually will send the dog in the opposite direction, or at least alert you that the dog is up at the fence.
  • NEVER leave the dog outside if you are leaving the house – even if you’re just running next door for a couple of minutes. It only takes a minute to lose the dog.
  • Make sure all latches on your screen doors are secure. A greyhound is very adept at latch picking. After all, they spend a lot of time in kennels and will often find ways of amusing themselves – like learning to trip a latch on a door.
  • Go to your local hardware store and get decorative iron to place in your screen/patio doors (it fits up next to the screen). This way, your dog can’t rip out the screen & you still can enjoy the fresh air.